Originating from the Arctic Circle, Rollomatik is all about breaking the ice on the dancefloors and bringing a breath of fresh air to the clubs. The crew consists of Hesh & Eaves, who are probably the northernmost players in the funk-fuelled party music scene. Together they share a strong enthusiasm to rock the party and provide funky tunes you won’t hear from the commercial channels. In respect of that, if you had to pick one word to describe them, it would be definitely “funky”. And it is really all about that. Their performance is known for a seamless cooperation on the decks to effortlessly blend sounds together in funk, soul, disco, reggae, hiphop, breaks and the latest party bangers.

The sound of Rollomatik can be also discovered from their rock solid production, which includes both original tunes and remixes for various artists. During the year 2012, an exclusive recording deal was signed with the British-founded label Boogie Boutique consisting of many top players in the game. Under the label, they released several chart toppers recognized by the top artists in the scene. In addition, they have pioneered the Finnish bass funk scene with promoting several club nights and events around the country. With this reputation, Rollomatik has been on top of the bill in many festivals and events around the Finland.

Bookings and info:

hesh at rollomatik dot com

Releases and remixes:

eaves at rollomatik dot com